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Ömer Lütfü Özgül, who is a doyen of chemicals trading business,  is not only famous for not using any check or promissory note in his business life, but also for his laconism "dignity and humility that keeps a Merchant stand still  "

Ömer Lütfü Özgül  had   started to work with his elder brother in Spice Bazaar in order to make acquainted with spice and chemical products business . Then In 1955, he had found a company and gave it his own name. This was his first experience as a businessman. Since more than a decade, with his son, Haluk Özgül, he keeps his business going as a family company.  Since the very first day it was found, what makes his company one of the most reputable in chemicals trading business , is Ömer Lütfü Özgül’s solid business mentality and proactive enterprising personality.

Ömer Lütfü Özgül is a member of a merchant family . His father was selling watches  in his shop in Kemaliye and his elder brother had traded spices and chemical products in Spice Bazaar. In order to receive a good education, He was sent to İstanbul by his father.  There, he graduated from Sultanahmet High School of Commerce . However, because of his father’s  illness, he had to go back to his hometown and took care of his father’s treatment. After that, he worked with his brother until he went to military service. In 1955, after completing military service , He started his own business and expanded in time . Although commerce was scorned and allowance to import was horribly difficult to get, knowing the sector very well and being rigorous, Ömer Lütfü Özgül became reputable and one of the first Turkish traders  importing chemical products to Turkey. Özgül is known for buying and selling everything in cash as well as his saying “ we trade everything with just a word “

Özgül imported his products initially from Germany . In 70’s and 80’s, although he worked under difficult circumstances because of the government’s strict policy about importation, he managed to stay in business. He kept his name clean by not depriving himself in 80’s, when  Turkey was in political instability. He also was the stager of the successful  importers’ list, despite all these poor circumstances.

His successful business life and being strict about ethics gave Özgül a good reputation and started a new era in his business life. In 1968, he ran for Istanbul Chamber of Commerce elections and won the election.  After that, he won every election and has been a councillor for thirty one years in ICOC.  He also served as executive  board member for six years.